Friday, June 3

Watch Out for Davao's Homegrown Taxi App

Davao city is slowly becoming popular, not only in the Philippines, but all over the world. There are many beautiful places to visit in our city. Dabawenyos and Dabawenyas are known to be hospitable and disciplined. We also have the stinky yet absolutely delicious fruit (durian) in Davao. At the same time, the 2016 President-elect of the Philippines came from the city. In fact, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte (soon to be President Digong) has been known as the father of the Davao people. These are just some of the few reasons why our city has gained popularity. 

Indeed, there are so many things to love about Davao. Let's add one more thing on the list: the soon-to-be launched homegrown taxi app. This is the first in Davao city and you have to check it once it becomes available on Apple and Google store.

Taxi Link is the first-ever taxi application in Davao city! This all-new smartphone app has been developed by R.A. Hao Group of Companies as commissioned by Souther Maligaya Taxi. The said technology has been developed to improve the taxi company's service to the Filipino people. 

Thursday, May 12

A Luxury and Chic Tour of Italy

Italy is undoubtedly one of the top places to visit on a luxury getaway, especially for couples or honeymooners. Historical cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice are world-renowned for their ancient Roman, Byzantine and Baroque style architecture, for their prized works of art, bridges, churches and cathedrals dating back centuries. These and of course the Amalfi coast (stretching for 11,200 hectares between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno) along with the island of Sicily in southern Italy and its surrounding Egadi and Aeolian archipelagos, provide the perfect settings for moonlit promenades in city squares or by the beach, romantic dinners in the many restaurants in the town piazzas or street alleys, art/archaeological tours, museum visits, relaxing in the healthy breeze of the Mediterranean, and for fashionable shopping trips. And if you want to make your trip even more chic, why not embark on a road trip and travel in style with a luxury convertible car, which you can rent on popular sites like, which offers convenience, luxury and style through its wide selection of vehicles that are perfect for any needs. This is also another important factor since public transportation in Italy at times can be quite unreliable- especially if going into the countryside; so a car rental is usually the best choice for visitors.

Tuesday, April 26

Cooking Can Be Made All The More Enjoyable With These Few Tips

Everyone has to juggle around with hundreds of responsibilities each and every day. Adding to all of that, cooking can seem a bit overwhelming. But this feeling can easily be avoided if you learn to enjoy cooking.

A few of the most common reasons why people hate cooking is because they either don’t have the right equipment or just don’t have the patience to use the right techniques. So, no matter what the occasion may be, always make sure you kitchen is kept clean and well organized. This way, you wouldn’t ever hesitate to cook up something special in the kitchen.

Thursday, April 14

The Immigrant Wife: Her Spiritual Journey (Book Review x Giveaway)

As a girl on the brink of womanhood in 1960s India, Shanti Bamzai has big dreams. Rather than enter into an arranged marriage like her sister, Shanti embarks on a journey into the unknown, leaving her family home behind for an education and a chance to chart her own destiny. While India experiences an upheaval of cultural and societal changes as old-world traditions collide with the modern global era, Shanti navigates college, a marriage of her own choosing, and motherhood, fighting a constant battle between the pressures of traditional expectations and her own burning desire to be an artist and an independent woman. A move to America presents exciting new opportunities, but Shanti is disappointed to find herself still hemmed in by the restrictions of her Indian upbringing. As her children become adults and her marriage becomes a shell of what it once was, Shanti must find the courage to step out of her husband’s shadow and into the life she’s always dreamed of.

My Review

Reading good books always makes my soul happy. When I got a copy of The Immigrant Wife: Her Spiritual Journey, I never got a chance to read it immediately. I just downloaded it and saved the book on my laptop. One day, as I was browsing for some files, I came across my copy of The Immigrant Wife. Luckily, for that day, I had nothing much to do since I started reading the novel. Guess what? I really wished I read it as soon as I got my copy. It's definitely a must-read novel. 

Monday, February 29

Is The Treatment of IVF with Egg Donation Available Everywhere?

In Vitro Fertilization is a method of infertility treatment that involves artificial fertilization in laboratory conditions. IVF allows combining cells and applying an embryo into the uterus. It can be carried out with use of both partners’ cells for the procedure or can be based on donor eggs and sperm cells. Especially egg donation has become a very important treatment option for recipient couples who struggle with infertility issues. That is why it is extremely important to be given the opportunity to choose this kind of treatment.

For various reasons for many women IVF treatment with own egg might not be possible or preferable option when a patient has no or not enough egg cells of her own, her egg quality is poor or her age or health condition does not allow her to conceive with her own eggs. In these situations prospective parents seek aid in clinics dealing with infertility problems that offer egg donation treatment.
Due to growing demand for In Vitro Fertilization procedures and development of medical tourism in terms of fertility issues it is more and more common to not only look for IVF options in nearest locations but considering the treatment abroad. Especially if the home country is not competitive when it comes to prices of procedure or, what is more decisive, have restrictions regarding range of possible treatments. Due to some countries’ legal regulations it may be forbidden to perform some procedures even if In Vitro Fertilization itself is allowed. Also in some countries there are a access conditions or some other terms for couples to meet.

Legal issues
Although in most of the European countries it is legally allowed to perform In Vitro Fertilization with donor egg, there are some controversy in some legal systems regarding using third party cells and getting financial gratification for the donation. In some countries it is only forbidden to pay for egg donation or for any service connected to ova donation, in others it is impossible to donate or receive egg and have IVF based on it. Egg donation is illegal in a number of European countries for example Germany, Austria, and Italy as well as Turkey. 

IVF market
Couples in countries where IVF with egg donation is not permitted often seek possibility to use donor egg elsewhere. Thanks to that regulations there exist many foreign destinations that are extremely popular in terms of offering getting IVF with egg donation especially when it is combined to well-deserved vacation. 

Apart from more wide IVF treatment opportunities the most important factor of choosing the place for IVF with egg donation is the success rate. Amongst the European countries the highest efficacy level is obtained in countries such as Poland, Greece, Spain, Latvia and Cyprus. Outside Europe the highest efficacy is registered in South Africa and Malaysia. To find out more visit

Tuesday, February 23

CBTL's Brew Your Best Year: Street Art Series

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) brings something special for all art enthusiasts for 2016. CBTL, the country's authority in speacialty coffee and tea, kicks off the year with their Brew Your Best Year: Street Art Series events in Manila, Cebu and Davao.

Continuing on from their dedication to inspiring and arming every individual to become the best versions of themselves, The CBTL's community for creative self-expression and personal development, Brew Your Best Year, is kicking off 2016 with the launch of a three-part series of events that will hit big cities in the country: Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao.
The theme of the series will be Create: Brew Your Best Masterpiece in which community members will get to unleash their inner creativity and exercise their imagination by learning about Street Art - a booming platform for individuality and self-expression- and then applying what they’ve learned by being a part of the team who will create The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s very first public mural.

“We believe that life is one big canvass and through this activity, we are encouraging our community members to make their lives their best masterpiece by using their gifts in the best ways they can,” shares Nella Lomotan, Engagement Marketing of The CBTL Philippines. “This event will just be one of the many avenues we are providing that will, hopefully, help them brew their best 2016.”

The first leg of the series conducted by street artists BEK Graffiti and Janot happened last February 13, 2016 in the South’s Queen City, Cebu. Participants thought of their own interpretation of “Making one’s life one’s masterpiece” and translated it into a street art mural which can now be seen at the Escario Wall, located in one of Cebu’s busiest districts. 

Tuesday, February 9

My Skin Origins Treat for Lovers!

My Skin Origins is showing their love and support for everyone by offering a great promo for Valentine's! Whether you have just started dating, married for years or are simply "just friends," this special offer is for you!

Why not do something that the two of you can experience together? Make your sweetheart, honey, or best friend love you even more by bringing them at My Skin Origins (Davao branch) on any day from February 8 to 13, 2016. Spend a little "we time" and make your reservation today at 321-2533 or 09236576466.