The Beauty of Christmas

There are two important things that are often associated with the celebration of the Yuletide season. Every time we hear the word "Christmas", we always think of the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and the well-wrapped Christmas presents. These are just some of the things that make the season wonderful.

I can't help but become very excited for the 25th especially that there are only four days to go before the special day. Allow me to share the pictures of the things I've got at home that are truly making me happy and glee.

This is our mini Christmas tree which was decorated by my mother a month ago. I really love the simplicity of this tree. Whenever I see this at home, I smile because I know that Christmas is present in our home and most importantly, in our family.

Since Christmas is the season of loving and sharing, I have decided to prepare these gifts to my loved ones. The presents I have chosen for them are not grand but I know they will love it. As the common saying goes, "It's the thought that counts." 

Today is the last day of my stay in the city. On the 23rd, I will be travelling with my family to my mother's hometown where we are going to celebrate Christmas. I can't wait to see my pamangkins, titos and titas. For sure, every thing will be perfect for the special day!

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.


  1. Merry Christmas, Algene :) Batiin na kita ngayon bago pa mag-busy-busy sa holidays ^^ May you have wonderful holiday with your family and loved ones, and a blessed New Year ahead! God bless :)

  2. Thank you ate KM! Happy Christmas rin sa'yo! Tama! Medyo busy-busyhan talaga sa holidays.. Same here, wishing you all the best for the Yuletide season!

  3. that a heart warming.

  4. Merry Christmas Algene! Ang cute naman ng Christmas tree nyo. Hehehe. Galing din ni Mama mo mag ayos ng house.

  5. Alam mo naman ang mga movies ate Krizza, mahilig mag-ayos sa bahay. Hehehe :)