Impressca: The Green Resto

IMPRESSCA’s purpose of existence is more than just serving healthy foods.

It is about respecting the world for future generations.

Impressca addresses challenges that Mother Earth is facing right now through:

1. Adherence to R.A. 9003 – The Solid Waste Management System

2. Composting

3. Having our own organic herb garden

4. Use of local ingredients – (it cuts down on packaging thereby reduces waste generation, transport costs and pollution)

5. Water conservation – in the form of proper washing procedures for food and wares and the use of grey water in the commissary

6. Paper recycling – use of newsprint paper in our office, paper trash for the next recycling process

7. Recreate – to “recycle” and to be “creative” – thru the use of reclaimed wood for our dining tables and chairs, countertops, racks and cabinets

8. Having energy management systems in place through energy conservation programs, the use of food service equipment that use less energy and help protect the environment (like those with energy star certification); preventive maintenance of equipment so they run efficiently.

9. Use of paint that are non – hazardous and have low or no volatile organic compounds.

10. Use of responsible materials – table appointments that are compostable and recyclables like spoons and fork, boxes, napkins , placemats and recycled paper bags.

11. Promotions that boost individuals to participate in the ecological campaign thru the “GREEN CARD”

12. Serving fresh, organic and natural foods that produce less carbon footprint.

13. Continuous health education and eco-education.

Campaign recycling - since Philippines has the second - lowest paper recovery rate in the Asia Pacific Region, therefore we contribute to 60% energy savings/90% less air pollution.

Paper accounts for 12% of Metro Manila’s solid waste that goes to dumpsites. This means 840 tons of paper are thrown away daily equivalent to 14,280 trees. And to produce 1 ton of paper we need 17 mature trees, 24,000 gallons of water 28 million btu energy and 1,255 lbs CO2 released

And by these green practices by Impressca:
  • People now have an alternative choice against the toxic, greasy and downright foods that saturate the market.
  • We at the same time educate our customers about living healthy while preserving Mother Nature.
  • We help uplift the standard of living of our local farmers
  • Promotes vegetation, a combat to global warming.
  • We answer the needs in the food requirements of people under medications.
  • And because of our cost and energy efficient/frugal operations, we maximize our profit and able to support environmental organizations.

Sustainability is more than just being green or eco-friendly for Impressca. We also mean ethical treatment of people and resources and providing assistance and support to those who need them.

A demand for locally grown food stimulates rural economies so farmers can earn a living. This allows them to feed their families and improve their quality of life.

But more than revenues, the practice of sustainability also often provides additional opportunities for communities in the form of developing other forms of livelihood, particularly for the wives of the farmers.

This added revenue stream can further help the rural communities not just in improving their lives but in investing in their farms so they can produce even better quality products. A good livelihood will also encourage future generations of farmers to preserve their communities.
A food franchise that leverages health and ecological preservation

IMPRESSCA and L-A-H-A-T (Lupa, Araw, Hangin, Ako, Tubig)
“LAHAT” magkakaugnay

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.


  1. I support this advocacy. I also like to save Mother Earth being a nature lover myself. Thanks for this post Gene. This creates awareness to everybody. :)

  2. Hi ate Krizza! I miss you :) Buti naman at dinadalaw mo blogs ko :) Medyo busy rin ako dahil exam week. Ang daming kelangan gawin.. Enjoy your time eith your family :)