Zinio Magazines

I was delighted when I received my early Christmas gift from Zinio Magazines! They sent me $25 credits that could be used in to purchase my favorite magazines from their digital stand. Who would thought that they are generous enough to give me two presents this month. First, was the free subscription of Cosmopolitan magazine for the whole year 2012 and now, Zinio bucks. 

Since the credits will expire on the 30th, I have decided to use it as early as now and purchase the reading materials I want. 

Top on the list is Cosmopolitan's January 2011 issue. Though this is a back issue, I still bought it because I'm an avid fan of Anne Curtis! I'd love to flip through the pages of this mag and read more about my favorite start.

Second is the December issue of Reader's Digest US which I missed this month!

Third is House Beautiful! I want to read about the great home decorations and accessories that are perfect for the new year 2012. 

The Knot is on the fourth list! I've always wanted to create a blog that talks about the different things related to wedding. This could be a good start. However, putting up such niche blog is not yet on my top priority right now.

The last but not the least is a whole year subscription of Seventeen magazine for 2012! 

Thank you so much to Zinio for giving me bucks! The prices for these magazines are almost 50% lower compared to the ones selling in bookstores or shops. Well, maybe because they can only be read on iPad, Android and PC.

Looks like I have so many things to read... I will be talking more about these magazines on my review blog which is still currently under construction. The holiday season and my freelancing job have been keeping me busy these days. I'll be able to completely introduce my new blogs, soon.

This might be my last post before I leave for my vacation. Advance Merry Christmas everyone! 

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.


  1. WOW! Gusto ko ang mga magazines na yan gene. Panu maka avail ng free nyan? hehe

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Hello ate Rovie! :) Iclick lang ng nasa taas na link.. Pero Cosmo lang ang fee. Ang unan sa taas ke gpalit nako from Zinio :)

  3. Cool gifts! Well, I think Anne Curtis is becoming overrated, but she's still fab! :)

  4. Thanks for the comment Ms. Carmel. I agree, basta great fan pa rin ako ni Anne. LOL

  5. Wow cool, i never know there is such a site. I used to subscribe and buy Cosmo mags. If you want back issues, let me know ;)

  6. Are you going to give me the back issues? LOL

  7. I also want! I love magazines! Lucky you for getting free mags and $25 credits. Congrats! Happy reading! =)

  8. Reading makes me super happy! Thank you :)