Annebisyosa: No Other Concert Images

Since I didn't get the chance to see the live performance of my favorite star, Anne Curtis-Smith, I was left with no choice but to check on the photos and images available online. A friend of mine knows exactly how I admire Anne so she tagged me the pictures taken during the Annebisyosa: No Other Concert.

This is my most favorite photograph of Anne Curtis. Looks like she really enjoyed her first and last major concert. She is simply amazing. 

Anne can play the guitar?

I know you will agree with me on this. She looks so pretty and gorgeous in her red gown.

Oh how I wish I was at the Smart Araneta Coliseum and saw her do this perfect entrance!

Here are some of the other pictures of the new singing star! After the success of her concert, Anne Curtis-Smith is now preparing for her world tour.

Credit goes to Gerbee. Click here for more photos.

Algene C.

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  1. fan ka pala ni Anne? ;) i saw her in person once when she was younger, isa pa lang yung movie nya nun, yung parang fantasy film na princess ang role nya, i forgot the title na, and i'm sure, you're way too young to know that too, al. hehe!

    nweiz, i was doing my internship at Bureau of Quarantine, and she and her sister had their x-rays performed in the clinic for immigration purposes.

    okei naman ba sya kumanta? hindi ko pa naririnig, kelangan mapakinggan ko 'to sa youtube ;)

  2. Hello ate KM! Yes, number one fan ako no Anne Curtis pero hindi ko pa siya nakikita in person :P I admire her charm.

    Last concert na niya kasi she's not going to pursue her singing career "daw".. Try lang daw ang ANNEBISYOSA. lol Pakinggan mo ang songs niya on YT ate KM prara malaman mo why. Hehehe

  3. Gusto ko din si Anne! High spirited person! Mukhang bongang bongga nga yung concert nya noh? Sa mga costumes pa lang, panalo na! :)

    Na intrigue ako sa sinabi mo na, pakinggan ang boses ni Anne sa YT para malaman why. Hehehe

  4. Ate Krizza, try mo to search on Youtube. Anne is not a perfect singer pero she's trying hard to become good at it. In fact, malaki ang improvements ng voice nya. lol

  5. Hi Gene, bumalik ako dito para magkwento na nakita ko na yung ilang numbers nya sa You Tube. Kainis nga lang kasi minsan mahina yung connection kaya pahinto hinto (lol).
    In fairness, hindi nga talaga timbreng "singer" ang voice nya but she can sing. I admire yung self confidence nya at dahil dun lumutang sya in every number nya. Not bad!

  6. Hahaha. Natawa ako sa comment mo ate Kriz. Yea, she's not a good singer but she's trying hard to be one :) In a positive way ha.

  7. Uusyoso din dito tulad ni KM at Krizza. Anyway, true it's her confidence talaga. Sobrang kahit na marami siyang naririnig na panlalait sa boses nya, go pa din sya sa concert at napuno ang Big Dome, naloka ko!!

    Di bale, naging fashion show naman at the same time ang concert nya. Bongga, tinalo ang beauty ko. haha. No worry, talo ko naman sya sa boses. Haha. Echosera!

  8. Hahahaha! Mabuti ka pa ate Rona, magaling na singer. :)) Ay tama, paang fashion show lang ang concert niya tapos extra na yung singing scenes. lol

  9. Napanood mo na yung full concert nito Gene? Hehehe

    Gusto ko yung number nila ni Sam Milby at ni Sarah Geronimo. Nabawi naman ng beauty at poise nya yung boses nya. Hahaha

  10. Ate Krizzzaaa! San ka nakakuha ng copy of the concert? Hindi ko pa napapanood!

  11. Anne proves fame can really go into people's pretty head sometimes. But hey, nothing new in this country, right?