Anti-SOPA Campaign

Stop Online Piracy Act or commonly known SOPA is an Internet censorship bill that was presented in the American Congress last year. Until now, the US legislative department is still deliberating about the approval or disapproval of this bill. No one knows how the discussion on SOPA will end.

I believe that the intentions for this bills are all directed for the good of the people. However, more individuals will be affected once it is completely approved and made into a law. A greater number of internet users will be restricted in all their access in various online pages. More bloggers will be limited into the topics and issues that they can write about. At the same time, online writers will be prevented from using certain images and transcripts that are owned by other persons. This means that the freedom of speech in the internet world will be eliminated. The US Government can simply take down certain sites and ban domains or web addresses.

I really hope that SOPA will not be approved in the Congress. Yes, I am not an American but I will be greatly affected once this bill becomes a law. You too, as a blogger and online user, can encounter great problems and inconveniences once the people in the Congress approves SOPA.

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Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.


  1. nabasa ko din nga 'to. nag sign ka na ba ng petition, al?

    thank you nga pala sa pagdaan sa blog ko kahit alam kong pasilip silip ka lang sa internet ;) all the best sa thesis mo, ha? balitaan mo kami :)


  2. Yes ate KM. For non-US citizens na petition. Sana nga lang di ma-approve :| Nakakatakot if ever.. Yes ate KM, malapit ko ng matapos. Hehe.

  3. Pati pala online meron ding ganyan? Tsskkk. Sana nga di matuloy kung ganyang may epekto pala sa ating lahat yan. :(

  4. What a lovely blog!!!!!

    Lioness- New Follower

  5. one way or the other it would affect us all...