Thankful for the New Theme

Choosing a good design for you blog is one of the things that you must consider when it comes to blogging. It is always good to create an identity in the blogosphere by installing the right template or layout. This is the primary reason why I have decided to get a custom theme for The Coffee Chic. Ever since I got my own design, I became more interested and active in blogging. Since I wanted to do the same for Lifestyle Chic,  I asked for the help of Ate Rona of Rona Fun Designs. She has been blogging for years now but only started her "designing career" recently. She began to discover her talents in creating cute and lovely Chic templates. What I love about her is that she knows exactly what I want. She was able to create a custom theme for my new lifestyle blog. For certain, I will now start updating this site regularly. 

Once again, I would like to thank ate Rona for giving the instant blog makeover for FREE. Guess what? She will also be designing my I Heart Giveaways blog! I can't wait for the new look of my favorite blog. But this time, I will be sending her some $ for the amazing work. 

The Lifestyle Chic on my iPad (Safari)
Do you want to have your own custom theme at an affordable price? If yes, then contact me or ate Rona. We're willing to help you create your own identity in the blogging community. 

Before I end this post, I would like to invite you to visit Miss Sarah's blog - The Heart Leaning Towards the Sun. She just made her blog available to the public and I would like to help her gain some new friends in the blogosphere. I hope you could build some good relationship with her. Thank you so much! She will surely visit you back!

These are the things that truly make me feel happy. Sharing this for Happiness is...

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.


  1. Happyng happy din ako Algene na nagawa ko to. Pareho din kasi tayo ng taste so tumpak na tumpak ang design sa panlasa mo. Thanks for linking my designs site here! Mega plug din ng career para sakin ha? I love it! And thanks for the all out support and trust. Love na kita. Muah.

  2. beautiful theme Sis, love it too :-) so girly so peaceful :-)Visiting from Happiness is...hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. I definitely agree that a good theme and blog layout is helpful to establish one's self in the blogsphere. It's one thing din that can help bloggers be motivated to post more. Anyway, I so love your new layout! :) I make customized themes too but lazy mode ako now. And I always find myself uncertain kung ano ba talaga gusto kong look for my blog.. hahaha.. XD

  4. Congrats Gene for this very beautiful design by Rona. You're right. Rona is very talented when it comes to designing. I hope I can have her design mine again in the near future. More power to your blog! Cheers!

  5. congrats sa iyong bagong look dito, al ;) kaka-happy naman talaga ang free service ni Rona :)

    musta ka na pala? busy pa din ba? hope your thesis is coming along great ;)

    thanks for linking up sa Happiness Is, al. really appreciate that kasi alam ko super busy ka these days. ingat lagi!

  6. i also want to have my own layout .
    lucky you have a friend like Rona !!wish could have one too..

  7. Bongga! Super nice ang new theme mo gene...

    Galing talaga ni Rona...Hehehe Buti na lang friends at nakalibre kahit papanu...

    Humurit pa nga ako doon ng isa pang design eh pero magbibigay na ako ng konti... Hehehe konti lang...

  8. Ang ganda naman ng theme ng blog mo ... nakakatuwa! Sana ako meron din ... kaso wala.

  9. beautiful girly theme, late visit for happiness is meme, see you around at