How Chic Started Blogging

Only my close friends know that the first blog I ever had was hosted at Friendster. Do you remember this old social networking site where you can connect with your friends through joining groups, sending testimonials and writing on blogs? Well, Friendster now is changed into a new gaming site which means that my old blog was already deleted. The second blogging platform that I used was Multiply where most of my stories and experiences in high school were posted. Up to this moment, my site is still up but I’m not sharing it to the public since it contains highly personal articles.

As you can see, I have transferred from one platform to another before I finally settled with Blogger. It was on the year 2008 when I finally found the right home for my blog. Since then, I started to write articles and posts about random things in my life. Most of my topics include relationships, families, friends, stories and experiences. When everything was all set at Blogger, I decided to desert the two previous sites that I have created from Friendster and Multiply.

Thinking of all the years I spend in blogging, I can say that I am fully happy and satisfied. If there is one good decision I've made in the past that made me feel complete, it is starting a blog. From 2008 up to the present, my site is still hosted for free under the same platform. However, I'm hinking of getting a hosting account for my all other blogs.

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.


  1. I honestly don't know how hosting works! I had a free hosting service for one year and I wasn't even able to use it. Maybe you can do a tutorial once you get your external host up and running? =)

  2. Hi Sis! It's like we have the same history in the blogging world! I still have my multiply site and like you, it's not open for all to see coz I'm very private when it comes to my personal life. But ever since I discovered blogger, I was thinking to delete my multiply account but I want to preserve it so that I can always go back and read my really old posts and enjoy browsing the comments i've exchanged with my online buddies there. Most of them are my real close friends in real life. Totoong buhay talaga.

    Anyway, thanks for the info about Friendster. No wonder I couldn't sign in at all. I was also blogging there before grabe. haha. I love this. I hope I can read more about your personal life. Hihi.

  3. @Sweet: Well, I used to know nothing about hosting. But when I won a one year domain + web hosting, I began to learn how to use it :) Honestly, I'm not good in cPanel management and other stuff related to it. lol So, I'm not sure if I can post a tutorial about it. I still need to learn more :P

  4. @Rona: Apir ate Rona! :) This is the first time that I publicly admitted about my first blog on Friendster. lol Blogging has really evolved over the years. Dati, we can post about our personal lives more pero ngayon, we have to limit ourselves na. We'll never know when our posts or articles may be used against us. Hehe

  5. True yan Gene, kaya nga you know, I made a facebook account just for the promotion of my blogs and articles. Kasi before I discovered that there were usiseros na nakapunta sa mga blogs ko. Basa lang to make chismis. Especially sa love life ko. Hay naku gene, kung alam mo lang na andaming interesado sa lovelife ko noon. They even tried to ruin it. Muntik na kami magbreak. Mga tanders pa yan! And so, ginawa kong provate lahat ng post ko sa multiply. May mga post pa ko dun na nagsusulat lang ako para ilabas mga sama ng loob ko na ako lang ang pwedeng makabasa at ang bestfriend ko. So yun. Diko alm na may setting sa multi na automatic nag-aappear sa fb mga new posts ko. Chaka!

    haha. Ginawa ko ng blog post ang comment na to.

    By the way, do you like to activate threaded comments here. Mas madali kang makakapagreply sa mga commentators mo. I'll give u the tutorial link.