Juris Forevermore

My big bosses from the bank have attended the first night of Juris' concert at Waterfront Insular Davao. Oh how I wish I had tickets and hours for the event. Tomorrow is her last live performance in Davao. If you want to enjoy an early Valentine's treat with your loved one, then it's never too late to get your tickets!

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.


  1. sa bank ka pala nag-wo-work, al?

    wala na bang MYMP? grabe, i'm so out of the loop na. hehe! bago ako umalis ng Pinas, kasikatan ng MYMP ^^

  2. Wala na ate KM. Last year pa, or a year ago. LOL Hahaha <3 Si Juris nalang ngayon. Solo artist.

  3. Oh! Do you know that i love Juris? Ever since MYMP. I love her singing voice, very soothing sa pandinig.

  4. Love ko rin si Juris ate Rona. Ang ganda nga ng boses niya. Soothing and relaxing :P