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Twilight movie captures the hearts of girls from teens to full-blown adults. Who would not want the story when Bella needs to choose between the two gorgeous men who are madly in love with her? It is a story that no girl wants to engage herself with when others think of it as flattering. You cannot just chose between two Asian arts when one is just magnificent while the other one is simply amazing.

The story of Bella and her two men is a long-time running. It may not be heavy-drama to audience but to the woman, it is going to be a roller-coaster ride. When others think of it as how lucky the woman is who have choices of who to be with given that Edward and Jacob are two loving and caring beasts. If this is a just a true story, what a relief it could be for Bella to be just left alone which is much better than emotional disturbance that attacks her from time to time. Five contending men vying for a woman’s attention is not heart breaking when the four is not at par to the one who truly cares and loves her but with two left as showing equal degree of love to her does not make it easy to make a final choice.   

Mind you, this does not speak at all of who is more good looking, or of who is possessing more good qualities because the weight there is who loves the girl more. And with two showing the same degree of it is not a free-conscience decision.   There is always this guilt feeling of leaving the other one distraught. This is why it takes several chapters for Twilight to finish. Stories cannot just end in one episode because as the plot may seem common, it is in fact very complicated, hurtful, and romantic.

Add the music of Bruno Mars, It will rain, or Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years, in the background and women will just feel the grief and bliss that each character feels. And with a paint artist falling in love just the same while watching this, expect then that she can just create a magnificent artwork for sale because of being too inspired from the love triangle that unfolds as the story comes to end.

Jocelyn Apple is the Business Development Manager at Artyii, Asia's leading community for emerging paint artists. Launched in November 2010, Artyii offers a powerful global platform to discover emerging Asian art. Over 500 artists from Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia have trusted Artyii, thus far. Membership is by-invite only. Apart from sharing art, artists can communicate with gallery owners and art collectors online to
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  1. I love twilight. I don't read much, but I have finished reading the entire series. It gave me a rollercoaster ride; i laughed, cried, and fell in love with them.