Commonly Used Bra Fabrics

Bras are an essential staple for any woman. They provide support as well as make her look great in her clothes. Today’s bras come in quite an array of fabrics, much different than in the past. Each of these fabrics has their own special qualities that lend themselves to be used in making bras.

One commonly used fabric in bras is lycra which is a form of spandex. This material is rather stretchy. It also blends well with other sorts of fabric. Therefore, often it is an ingredient in fabric along with others such as cotton, silk and synthetic fibers. Adding lycra makes the fabric able to stretch which is an important quality for bras to have. Another benefit to adding lycra to fabric is that it makes the fabric able to breathe better. This is a common type of fabric for bras because it dries quickly and is able to resist bacteria.

Another kind of fabric that is used quite often in bras today is microfiber. This is used especially in t-shirt bras as well as sports bras. Made from polyester and polyamide, the threads in microfiber are quite fine much like silk. As a result, this fabric makes the bra quite soft and pleasant to wear. Microfiber is becoming so popular that it’s being used more often than cotton. The primary reason for this is that it is more durable and can be worn longer.

Some bras may be made out of satin. Satin is a luxuriously smooth fabric. It comes with one side glossy and the other having a dull back. Satin can be made either from silk or rayon. Satin fabric is used to make both bra cups as well as the straps. When satin is used in making bras, the shiny side is revealed for aesthetic purposes. The right fabric and bra fitting will ensure your maximum comfort.

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