Quick Makeup Tips

There are some women who wants to look plain and simple all the time. I have nothing to say against them because it is their choice. However, I would like to say that there are times when getting a brand new set of make up and trying to use them are great ideas too. 

Just recently, I attended a Basic Personal Makeup Workshop where two amazing artists shared their talents to all the bloggers present in the event. The details of how the workshop went were posted on my personal blog last week. 

Below are some of the lessons I learned from Ryan and Noeh:

- It is important to take good care of our brushes all the time.
- We should learn how to invest on makeup items.
- Make sure that all the products we use are safe.
- Take advantage of the testers available in different stores so we can choose the right items to suit our skin.
- Important note: Apply only little amount of testers.
- Concealer must always come first before the foundation. (For some, this is not a new tip. I am emphasizing this again because some girls use the foundation or bb cream first before the concealers and correctors.)
- For a perfect lip color and shape, we must learn how to use a lip liner.
- Always remember that choosing the right shade is like choosing a partner. 

To learn more about the different tips and tricks from the best makeup artists in the city, make sure to visit my other site - The Coffee Chic. Please check the sidebar for the link. There are also videos uploaded on my post.

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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