Gadgets for the Kitchen: What to Get and What to Skip

If you are a chef, or just a home cook that loves making new and exciting dishes for your family, you probably love trying all the cool kitchen gadgets that are available. It seems like there are new products out all the time, so it can be very tempting to want to try them all. Two you may have heard about recently are a Panini maker and a pressure cooker. If you have seen some of the tasty Panini recipes out there, you may think about trying it. The Presto® pressure cooker is just a new spin on an old classic, but the Panini maker is something about which many have not yet heard.

A Panini maker, on the other hand, is something nearly anyone can use. There are Panini sandwich recipes that appeal to everyone. Whether you like Italian style hot sandwiches, prefer Panini and open-faced sandwich recipes, or just want a simple way to make a tasty grilled cheese sandwich, one of these sandwich makers may fit your needs perfectly. A Presto canning pressure cooker is ideal for preparing foods from your garden. You can put them up for canning, or use it for sauces, salsa and other similar items. Those who grow an abundance of produce may very well find that a pressure cooker is a must-have.
As you probably know, there are more gadgets than you have time or money to use. Because of this, it is important to do your research, so that you know which gadgets to get and which you can easily skip.

Algene C.

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