My Love for Manuscript Found in Accra

Just in case you don't know, Paulo Coehlo is one of my favorite authors. He is the first person who made me realize that novels and books are treasures. He is the first author who convinced me that reading is something that I should never give up. Since I read his books, I started to fall in love with his works. He has this own way of making his readers connected with the characters of his stories. Indeed, Paulo Coehlo is the best.

This year, he has announced that the newest P.C. book in town is already available for pre-order. Unfortunately, I couldn't order mine because I'm here in the Philippines. So, what I will do is simply wait for the Manuscript Found in Accra to arrive in the local bookstores. Or, I can also wait for someone to give the newest book on my special day this coming May.

Paulo Coehlo's Manuscript Found in Accra is available in 21 editions (languages). It will be able in the US tomorrow, April 2, 2013. 

Algene C.

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