Colored Lenses: Change the Mirror to Your Soul

Even if the popularity of various types of glasses increased, especially no dioptre glasses with huge frames among the teenagers and young adults, colored lenses are also becoming more popular in last years all around the world. If you either need them for health purposes, just try to give a slight change to your eye color or you want to completely change the mirrors to your soul I will describe various types of lenses to help you find the perfect color lens for you.

The first type of colored lenses are the visibility tint contacts. As the name suggests this type of lenses are mainly used for medical / health problems strictly and are created for different persons depending on the dioptre. Design wise these contact lenses are tinted with light colors like blue or green just to be easier to see when you use or remove them. Aesthetically a visibility color lens won't change the color of your eyes in any way.

The second type of colored lenses are the enhancement tint contacts. As the name implies these of lenses are made to enhance the natural color of your eyes. These lenses got a slightly darker tint compared to the visibility ones, are easy to see, solid, but at the same time translucent. If you have a lighter natural eye color and you only want to make it look more intense, enhancement tint contact lenses are perfect for you.

Another type of colored lenses are the opaque or color tint contacts. These are probably the most common and easy to find contact lenses and they come in a large variety of colors depending on what you want. Lately, because of science fiction or fantasy movies and Japanese anime series you can also find a lot of different models for this kind of contacts that don't only change the color of your eyes, but also creates movie-like effects that look unrealistic, in the last few years they also became very popular on Halloween and different meetings for comic books or anime fans. If you have darker colored natural eyes opaque tint lenses should be your choice.

A special kind of colored lenses are light filtering contacts. A color lens like this can enhance some colors and at the same time mute other colors or color variations. You probably think why would anyone need this kind of contact lenses? As I said these are special contacts made mainly for athletes and sports fans. Depending on the sport light filtering contact lenses also come in a small variety since the main reason to wear them is to see the ball clearly and ignore some other colors that are useless for the athlete or the sports fans.

I hope that you could finally decide and understand what type of colored lenses is for you after reading this article. Also please remember to follow your eye doctor instructions, keep the contact lenses, no matter the type, as clean as possible and never share them with other persons.

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Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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