Coloured Lenses for Beautiful Big Eyes

Beautification of eyes has its roots as early as Cleopatra. In today's times, when there is no dearth of products that help beautify and enhance each feature of your face, coloured lenses are beauty products that have an immense and spontaneous effect to create beautifully big eyes.

Whether you are wearing prescription lenses (that is corrective lenses) or plano lenses (non-corrective lenses) both are available in the colored variety.

Iris is the part of the eye that provides color to the eyes, most contact lenses are made in such a way that they either enhance or totally change the color of the natural iris.

Lenses with visibility tint only provide the practical use of relocating the lenses when they are lost. They have a bright blue or green rim which makes them easy to locate if ever you lose them. But these don't have any bearing on the color of the eyes.
If you have light eyes and wish to enhance the existing color or just flirt with the possibility of adding a dash of another color to your existing color then you can use lenses with enhancement tint. These have translucent color making a thick rim on the lenses, which allow the natural color of your eyes to be seen through while deepening the color.

As for people with darker eyes, who wish to completely change the color of their eyes, or want a costume effect for halloween or night parties can use opaque colored lenses that radically change the color of your eyes.

People with light eyes can opt to define the edge of iris and deepen the natural color. A subtle shaded effect can be achieved by using a color near or complimenting your eye color, like people with grey eyes can use blue or green lenses. If a dramatic change is required then such people who have light eyes and a lighter complexion can go for warm browns. Darker eyed individuals can go with colors like honey brown to enhance the color and for a strong change even try bright blues or purples. An individualized look can be achieved by using custom tinted contact lenses, which can be made to suit your eye color, complexion, hair and personality. These can be made for both prescription and not prescription lens wearers. They can even hide eye defects while keeping the eyes looking as natural as possible.

Before you chose to wear lenses it is best that you consult your doctor. Get lenses made from reputed eye care practitioners and use brands that are known. If you wear colored lenses only occasionally and for cosmetic purpose only then use the disposable variety, these do not harbor bacteria and reduce eye irritation.
Like normal colorless lenses, colored lenses have to be replaced as per advised, not worn after expiry, not slept with them on and maintained properly. Don't exchange your lenses with buddies nor wear them if you already have an eye infection. This breeds and spreads bacteria which can be dangerous.

With the ever increasing demand for beautiful eyes, colored lenses are available in all possible colors. All that is required is some attitude to flaunt your eyes and a good eye care practitioner to help you out.

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FreshKon®, an international brand widely renowned for its flagship labels – FreshKon® Alluring Eyes and FreshKon® Colors Fusion have been warmly embraced by legions of fashionistas. A leading cosmetic contact lens brand, FreshKon® provides an extensive range of beauty enhancement and fashion lenses that cater to the diverse desires and needs of modern individuals.

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