5 Things Little Kids Can Get Away With But Are Creepy For Adults To Do

Those little kids running around the coffee shop are so annoying, aren't they? They run up to random people and say, "Hi" about twenty-eight times and if you don't say it back every single time, you are viewed as a terrible human being. There are tons of things kids can get away with. But if you try any one of these five things as an adult, you will definitely be deemed a creep.

1. Telling strangers about Mom and Dad.

When I meet a three-year-old, the first thing they do is tell me all about their home life. As a kid, it's cute. It's like, "Oh ha ha, Mom drank the whole wine bottle last night? How funny. It's hilarious that this little person is sharing this information with me." But if you did that as an adult, it would be totally awkward. If you go up to someone you just met at a church function and tell them how your grandma takes her wig off when she gets hammered, you will not be met with the same response. You will get an awkward stare promptly followed by a question about your grandmother's alcohol problem.

2. Holding hands with a friend you just met.

I used to teach two-year-olds right after college. They are adorably small and love to snuggle. It was the best. I learned that it's super easy to make friends when you are two. I can't tell you how many times two of them would hold hands on the playground after they just met. If you do this as an adult, I don't think it would be as cute. If you are introduced to someone and you just hang on to their hand after the traditional handshake, you probably won't ever see that person again.

3. Eating off of someone else's plate whether you know them or not.

Kids are notorious for this. It's like they see food they want and immediately grab it. Even if they don't know the person with the food, they will still steal a cookie off a plate that isn't theirs. When you're three, it's considered cute. Do it at my age and it's considered rude and you have to pay that person back for the cookie you just stole. So unfair.

4. Turning around at a restaurant and staring at the person in the booth behind you.

This happens to me all the time. I mean, all the time. I'm sitting there eating my pasta at the some chain restaurant, and all of the sudden I see a head pop up and two eyes are just staring at me from the booth in front of me. It's funny because it's a little kid. If an adult were to do this, I might be inclined to call for security.

5. Falling asleep anywhere.

I wish this was socially acceptable for adults to do. After a meal, sometimes I just need a quick catnap in the booth to get reenergized for the rest of my day. A kid does that and it's adorable and sweet. If I do that, I would be kicked out of the restaurant and asked never to return again.
About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith security, a Plano home security company. She wishes she was still a little kid, mainly because nap time is not socially acceptable when you're 23.

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