A Comprehensive List of Dermatology Equipment

In order to conduct proper treatment, a dermatologist will require a special set of equipment. These equipments will ensure that a proper and effective treatment is administered to the patients. Described below is a list of dermatology devices that are commonly used in the practice of dermatology.

A cautery is a metal device which is used by a dermatologist. This device is used to remove abnormal tissue by the process of burning or scarring. The device is heated to a full glow and is then applied on the tissue to be removed. This instrument is not commonly used now, as it is seen to increase the chance of tissue infections.

Cryoguns are one of the latest tools that your dermatologist will use. These are tools which are used to treat and remove unwanted skin tissue. Cryoguns are used in the removal of ingrown toenails, skin tags, warts, and hemorrhoids. These guns are found to be highly effective in treating a wide range of benign skin problems. The streamlined relief valve and insulated delivery tube ensures effective control during the surgical procedure. Using a cryogun has the benefits of low risk of infection and minimal wound care. After usage, the parts of the cryogun will be sterilized in an autoclave.

The scalpel is a common tool which is used frequently by dermatologists. This is a small blade, which is sharp in nature, and is used for surgical purposes. These scalpels are often used along with cryosurgery. The skin blemish is frozen using a cryogun and is then surgically removed using a scalpel.

Comedone extractor
A comedone is the clinical term used for a blackhead. A comedone extractor is a special tool used by dermatologists for blackhead removal. This metallic needle comes in three basic forms namely lancet, loop and spoon extractors. While lancet extractors remove mature whiteheads, the loop and spoon extractors are used in the removal of blackheads. Some extractors come with a spoon or loop on one end and a lancelet on other end, thus combining 2 devices into one. Before and after using the extractor, it is sterilized in a solution of isopropyl alcohol. These extractors are quite affordable and can be bought online as well as from almost all medical supplies stores.

Dermal curette
A dermal curette is one of the dermatology devices, which is used in the removal of a superficial skin tissue without causing any damage to the neighboring healthy tissue. The instrument is used in the removal of basal cell carcinomas, warts, and many other benign skin growths. This extremely sharp metallic needle ensures a gentle, but precise removal of the unwanted skin tissue.

Biopsy punches
Biopsy punches are used by dermatologists to obtain a sample skin tissue, to be tested for serious skin conditions. This instrument makes it easy to perform skin biopsies at various locations with minimum generation of trauma. The punches are easy to handle and will help to obtain a well defined dimension of the skin sample.

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