How To Choose a Gym in Sussex

In health-conscious Sussex, it’s never been easier to get fit and stay healthy. There is an abundance of swimming pools, sports clubs, martial arts clubs and dance studios. Recently, more and more gyms have been popping up across East and West Sussex making it easier still to find a good gym local to you. So, how can you make sure your gym in Sussex is right for you?

Firstly, it’s important to consider whereabouts you want to conduct your workout. Think about your schedule and when would be the best time to get to a gym. If it’s lunchtime, find one around your office. If it’s in the evenings, choose a gym near your house. It’s not much good choosing a gym in Lewes if you live in Haywards Heath, no matter how good it is. The journey will be off-putting, especially on cold winter days. Pick somewhere where you can ideally walk in.

Secondly, if you’re a driver, think about parking. Some gyms in Sussex have dedicated car parks which are free for gym users. However, for others you’ll need to use on-street parking or bays, which could add a lot of extra money onto your gym membership. The headache of driving round and round trying to find a space could also be off-putting. The gyms on Brighton’s seafronts would be better avoided by drivers if you don’t want to face steep parking charges. Smaller rural gyms will have on-site parking, which is much more convenient.

There are a whole host of gyms in Sussex offering a range of price plans for the use of their facilities. This spans from the basic gym studio set up offering a room of equipment and machines and little else, from the full-blown luxury gym experience. These can include spas, specialised private studios for group classes and heated indoor and outdoor pools, so think about whether the price you’re paying is fair for the facilities on offer. If you need more facilities or want to cut back, there is a lot of choice in Sussex to help you find something else.

The environment of a gym can make a big difference to the way you feel about it. Fortunately, in Sussex, many gyms are set in beautiful locations overlooking the sea or in the beautiful Sussex countryside, so if you can’t face traipsing into town, make more of an event of your workout by treating yourself to membership at one of the gorgeous countryside gyms in Sussex.

Caroline Flack is a fitness fanatic living in the beautiful Sussex countryside who regularly blogs about getting active

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