Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

Micropigmentation is a newly introduced technique for applying permanent makeup. Permanent makeup finds its origins in the times of World War II, when it was used to cover the bruises and wounds of soldiers. But micropigmentation is a recently invented method, based on the lines of tattoo making. But, unlike tattoo making, it calls for a micropigmentologist, in place of a tattoo artist.

Different Styles In Permanent Makeup Eyebrows

Permanent makeup eyebrows are a rage in the cosmetic industry. A large population complains of improper growth of eyebrows. For some, the reasons are heredity, for others, its old age, or ailments, such as chemotherapy. Firstly, you need to draw the eyebrow shape that you want. Once you approve of the design, the doctor will apply permanent makeup on it, ensuring that he does not exceed the lines.

The process takes 2 hours out of which tattooing takes up 45 minutes. You can resume to your daily routine from the next day. It is advised that some follow up sessions are taken up in the next few weeks. For every face and skin type, there are a number of options and styles of eyebrows are available. Some of which are mentioned below.

Eyebrow Shape Guidelines

As per your preference of shape or thickness, the eyebrows can be modified. You can always show the micropigmentologist a picture, or even draw the shape you want yourself. This saves time and prevents confusion.

Eyebrow shaping guidelines help in improving the client’s eyebrow shape. To ascertain eyebrow growth in the new shape, for permanent eyebrow makeup, micropigmentologists always prefer maintaining the current growth form, over shaving the whole thing altogether and drawing a new shape. A portion of the hair growth must be included in the new design, so that the new design merges properly and gives a natural look.

Styles You Can Use

There are about five popular eyebrow shapes, which are commonly used while getting permanent eyebrow makeup.
  • Curved: This shape of eyebrow is slightly curvaceous between the inside corner and arched mount, which gives a bold look to a square shaped face.
  • Sharply Angled: This shape of brow has a raised, angular mount. This shape gives a young-looking appearance. It is a bold brow, which is suitable for people with chubby faces or round faces, as it helps to slim it down.
  • Round: As the name suggests, this shape is a smooth-rounded arch, which is suitable for angular faces. It reduces the bony structure of the face with pointed chins.
  • Soft Angled: Slightly angular and round brows render a delicate look to the face.
  • Flat: This shape is a medium height arch, and it works well with apple shaped faces providing an oval structure.

With the advancement in science, it is now possible to own the face you were not born with. Permanent eyebrow makeup is testimony to that statement, leaving you to choose your eyebrows on your own. 

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