Top 3 Things to Bring in School

June is the first month for a new school year all over the schools in the Philippines. During this month, students are excited to meet new classmates, introduce themselves to new teachers and buy new things for their studies. During this month, parents are also busy preparing the tuition fees of their children and completing the school requirements.

If you haven't started buying your school supplies, allow me to share the top three things you should get for this school year:

1. A Highly-Functional Ballpen

This is the first thing you have to get from the book store. Without a pen, you wouldn't be able to write down the important notes for every lesson. You wouldn't have a chance to record the assignments given by the teachers. Even if you have the latest gadgets available in the market, having a ballpen at school is indispensable. You have to bring a pen.

2. Colorful Memo Pads

Instead of using a one-color memo pad, I highly recommend that you purchase the colorful ones. Trust me, writing some important notes in beautifully-colored memo pads will make you feel happier. Recording important matters has never been so much fun.

3. Highlighters

Of course, who would forget highlighters? You need these materials to highlight important phrases or sentences in your book. These things will help you remember the salient points of a certain chapter. Thus, there is a higher probability of doing better in your classes.

You can buy these things in different book stores and school shops. Good luck on another school year. Have fun!

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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  1. I would definitely need highlighters now that I'm back to school again.

    Very helpful and informative post Gene. Thanks!