Perfect Occasions For Giving The Gift Of Diamonds

It’s commonly believed that diamonds symbolize marriage, and that they should only be given as engagement rings and weddings bands.  What many people don’t know is that diamonds for Mothers Day, promise rings, and anniversary bands are also fitting. Many online jewelry stores these days will even let you design your own ring. There are no written rules that detail when it is appropriate to give a diamond as a gift, but the following are some helpful guidelines to know if your thoughtful gift will be well received or send her running for the hills.

For Your Wife
Husbands, take note: there are very few times when you can go wrong by buying your wife a diamond.  You bought her one in her engagement ring, and you can use a diamond any other time to show her you love her.  Important anniversaries are a great excuse to spoil her and spend a little extra money on a gift.  The birth of a child is also a great time to reward her with a little something extra.  If you’re at a loss for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, just think of the rewards you could reap if you went big and watched her unwrap a diamond.  Jewelry is also great for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, her birthday, and any other day in between.

For Your Mom

You may not think of pretty jewelry and gemstones when you think of your mom, but what better way to show her you appreciate all she’s done for you than with something sparkly and pretty?  Choose something that reminds you of her, and express that sentiment to her.  For her birthday, for Mother’s Day, and for Christmas, it’s always appropriate to give mom jewelry.  This is especially true if it’s a well though out gift that she knows you’ve worked hard for.

For Your Girlfriend
This is where the situation gets dicey.  Traditionally, a diamond signifies that you’re ready for something more serious, and if she’s not on the same page, you may send her running before you even get started.  When you buy jewelry for your girlfriend, you’ve got to put some serious thought into where your relationship is at, and where you want it to go.

If you know she’s the one you want forever, but you’re both just not ready to settle down yet, buy her a promise ring with a diamond.  Promise rings are a symbol of a commitment made between two people.  They show that you love each other, and are secure in your relationship, but simply don’t feel ready to take the next step.

When you decide it’s time to ask her to be yours forever, it’s the perfect time to give her a diamond.  Again, you should be watching closely for cues that she is on the same page, or openly communicating with her about what the future holds for the two of you in her eyes.  Once you feel confident enough to ask, you’ll love the look on her face when she sees the ring and stones you’ve picked out for her.

It’s Never The Wrong Time
Although there are times where it is MORE appropriate to give a diamond, there is technically no wrong time to give a woman jewelry.  Giving a woman a diamond or two shows her that you love her and are willing to invest a little more in her happiness.  Is there a woman alive who wouldn’t love that?
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