The Best Shoes for Summer 2013

Gladiator sandals
Think Russell Crowe, think Maximus Decimus Meridius, think hot Roman goddesses with Angelina Jolie hair and cascading togas. The Romans are in, and these shoes will not disappoint. Comfortable, stylish and flattering in shape, you can wear these shoes to work, to the beach or anywhere else you fancy.

Double ankle strap heels
The nineties are back, baby, and with them come these super sexy killer heels with an ankle strap that will make men stop and stare. Team them with a red bodycon dress and a gold clutch bag to create a hot evening outfit that will make you feel gorgeous.

Peep toes
Super cute, super fun, peep toes are in right now and will add that extra special something to your outfit. Whether you wear them to work with a sensible skirt and shirt, or out on the town in the evening, peep toes send out a message that you have a wild side and that you like to have fun! Just make sure you paint your toenails before wearing them. Check out the peep toe shoes from new look for inspiration.

Cork wedges
Kind of seventies, kind of kooky, but kind of hot! Team them with a cute sailor girl jumpsuit and red lipstick for the ultimate vintage look. These wedges look equally good with a bikini, skinny jeans or evening dress, the world really is your oyster.

Fringe tassels
You’ll be channelling Pocahontas when you wear these lovely sandals. They work well with gypsy dresses, maxi skirts or denim shorts. Fringe tassel sandals are perhaps better suited to more dainty activities, due to their delicate nature.

If you are a fan of things lacy, creamy and generally girly, then a pair of crochet shoes will be right up your street. They’re perfect for those days when it’s cool out and you don’t fancy wearing flip flops, but these shoes do also allow your feet to breathe and so can be worn in the hot weather as well.

These shoes are a little bit edgy and a little bit funky. They look like normal sandals, but they have a zip going up the back, more for decorative purposes than anything else! If you want to spice up your daywear, then choosing zip-back sandals is a surefire way of doing so!

Block heels
They look like a Japanese throw-back, but block heels are all set to be big news this summer! There’s no doubt that wearing these will dress up even the simplest of outfits, you might just need to practise walking in them first to avoid broken limbs at a later stage!

Again, it’s retro but somehow it works. For taller ladies out there, there are some cleverly designed shoes which are still platforms but which won’t cause you to tower over everyone.

Comfy, stylish and practical, espadrilles look good with most outfits and come in a range of colours and materials. Sorted!

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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