Eco-friendly Gifts for the Green-minded Man

 There is so much hype around from politicians and the media about saving the environment that it seems like everything is going green. From transport to homes the green brigade are coming out in force to demand that people improve their lifestyle to be more eco-friendly and help protect the environment; and it is changing the way we look at everything we do.

This extends to gift buying as we start to look at the carbon footprint of the presents we buy and the wastage of packaging on them. Now retailers are having to take the environmental concerns of customers seriously when marketing their brands and bringing out a range of green gifts for those who care about the environment. Online gift specialists, LikeThe Great Gift Company, now stock huge ranges of eco-friendly gifts such as:

Gardening and growing

A lot of friends and family take a lot of pride in their home’s garden, so any green-fingered present that can help them prune, preserve and care for their garden is a great gift. However, you can take this a little bit further by giving gifts that push them to be more self-sufficient, like growing vegetables that cuts out the supermarket and enables them to live a greener and more fulfilling existence.

Recycled presents

One of the best things that we can do to save the environment is to stop sending mass waste to landfill and poisoning the earth. Just think of all the rubbish that we throw away and never think of; all that could be recycled and used again. Gift companies are at the forefront of this movement with a range of gifts that used recycled items to transform them into something useful. You can buy things like discarded alcohol bottles turned into cool clocks or even money collectors. Old pallets are turned into tables and chairs; while even things like old vinyl records are turned into timepieces and table mats. This movement only looks to be getting stronger as more and more of us become obsessed with recycling.

Adopt an animal

Animal lovers are rife and normally quite difficult people to buy for as you can’t go buying them a pet and they begin to get tired of pictures of animals printed on tea towels, mugs and other household items. So, it might be time to give a gift that helps out an endangered animal as well as making your loved one feel wanted. Adopting an animal is a great present to an animal lover as the money spent goes to protect and look after animals, so it’s a win-win situation.

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