Why Commuting to Work By Bike is A Great Idea!

If you have a commute across London or any other major city every day, you may be able to save a lot of money, keep yourself in great shape, and help the environment by switching from your current means of getting to work to riding a bike instead. Cycling is a fast, easy way to get where you need to go within a city, and it has many, many benefits over other means of transport.

The Benefits of Cycling to Work – Saving Money

For most people, the most significant benefit of riding a bicycle to work is that it is basically free. Once you have bought a bike, a helmet and any accessories you are interested in (a good lock being an important one, given that bike theft is a rising problem) you can use your bike as often as you need to without any other significant costs. You may have to pay for some maintenance from time to time and it is also a good idea to insure your bike (there are lots of great bike insurance options out there, for example with Protect Your Bubble.com), but the costs of these are tiny compared to those you'd incur traveling by car, tube, train or even the bus. If you have a commute into the city by train that is too far to cycle, you can also take your bike on the train and use it for the part of your commute that takes place within the city, rather than taking the bus, underground or tram. This won't make your commute free, but it will seriously cut the costs. In some cities you can even hire bikes at very little cost, so if you can't afford a bike this is something you might consider.

Health and Fitness

As well as this, cycling is also great exercise. As long as you have shower facilities at your workplace, you can even push yourself hard on your rides and get a really good workout. Even if you only cycle to work a couple of days a week and use other ways the rest of the time, you'll be dramatically increasing your activity level and therefore keeping your heart healthier. You may find the ride tough the first week or so if you don't do much exercise at the moment, but you'll find your muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness quickly improve and you'll find the ride much easier as you persevere with it.

The Environmental Benefits

Even if you don't feel especially strongly about environmental issues, it is still better to do something that doesn't harm the environment and create pollution than something that does. Compared with driving, cycling is vastly better as it creates no carbon emissions or other pollutants at all, and even compared with the relatively green option of using public transport it is superior in environmental terms. Many cities are very polluted as a result of traffic congestion, and it is good to know that you aren't contributing to these problems.  
Laura Ginn is a full time professional blogger who now works from home, but she used to commute across London every day on her road bike. She preferred it to the tube, even when it was raining, because it allowed her to get some exercise and avoid the crowds!

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The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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