What is Your Favorite Type of Socks?

Socks aren't usually thought of as stylish, but they can be if you let them. The trick is knowing what you're doing with them. There are many different styles of sock and they're all intended to be worn with very different clothing. Pairing the wrong socks with the wrong clothes generally leads to a bad time with your wardrobe, so understand the difference!

Ankle socks or standard-length socks are mostly intended for practical use under pants, for instance, with tennis shoes or hiking boots. They're usually not intended for style, and there's rarely any reason to wear them visibly with shorts--not for style purposes. They remain practical, and they aren't a sin against style with shorts, but they won't turn any heads.

Knee highs are a different affair altogether. The most effective pairing for knee-highs is a mid-thigh or short skirt. You can usually find knee high socks in creative patterns like plaid or argyle, or else striped or solid. You can do a lot with knee-high socks, but matching them to the colors of the outfit is essential. There's no reason to wear them under jeans for style's sake; they won't show.

Thigh highs are the most daring. These are best worn with skirts. If worn with mid-thigh skirts, their hems won't show, giving them a similar look to leggings. If worn with a short skirt, they can create a very dramatic effect. These are only an option if you're willing to get noticed.

Socks aren't cut-and-dried, but there's no justification for being mystified by them, either. Understand when to wear what and you'll do just fine.

Algene C.

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