Rose D Flash Sale

Heads up to all my readers out there who enjoy shopping online. Romwe is giving you another chance to grab the Rose D sweater. From $39.99, it will be on sale for only $19.99. Take advantage of the $20 off. Plus, there's more. You can get a chance to purchase it for only $9.99. Check the coupon code I will post below at the end of this blog entry.

Romwe “Rose D” flash sale, only 24 hours!

$19.99 only, with original price $39.99, on 26th November!
500 pieces, but size M is only 200 pieces!

4507 customers have already added “Rose D” to their shopping bag, so adding it into your shopping bag in advance, and then you can pay directly when it begins just in case it's sold out. This offer is only good for 24 hours.

Here is the link:

And a special coupon for you, my lovely fans, on 26th Nov. to buy “Rose D”: 10%offrosed

Enjoy shopping!

Algene C.

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