The Most Exciting Dress for Women

Your bridal wedding dress will undoubtedly be the most exciting dress you'll ever buy, and, with the right planning, the one you'll invest the most time and effort in selecting. Ideally, you should begin shopping for the dress you'll say "I do" in at least ten months before your wedding. Nearly a year seems like an incredibly long period of time to spend hunting for a dress, but when you consider that you'll have to narrow down your choices first by color, then by style, then by cut, and then by size, and even then you still might need or want to have alterations made, you can see why the minimum recommendation to choose a dress is ten months, and the idea is about ten to twelve months. On average, a bride spends about two months deciding on the right gown for her, and there are almost always customizations to be made, which can certainly take time.

When shopping for a bridal wedding dress, you will want to have a budget in mind. Remember, there are a lot of aspects of a wedding to plan for, and when it comes to purchases, the bridal gown may wind up being the least of it. The cost of accessories -- a veil or tiara, shoes, jewelry -- can often add up to as much as the dress itself costs! By having a budget to keep you in check, you'll also narrow down your selection a bit, which should make the process go a little more efficiently.

Determine the style of dress you'd like to wear. Sleeveless, long-sleeved, sweetheart neckline, V-neck, etc. There are many styles to make your selection from, but your body type as well as your choice of wedding venue will help you determine a flattering and appropriate style.

Book an appointment for your first few wedding dress consults. Showing up unannounced can result in harried attendants and a rushed experience, which may leave you disappointed, and with the wrong dress, or no dress at all.

Finally, don't be afraid to ask family and friends for their opinion on potential dresses, and don't be afraid to down vote those opinions. In the end, how you feel about your wedding dress is what really matters!

Algene C.

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