Be In Style While Playing Golf

A clean, athletic, professional appearance is critical for anyone serious about golf. You don't want to be turned away at the door of the country club! If you're unsure how to outfit yourself for the tee, here are a few essentials of modern golf apparel.

Khakis. A good pair of khakis will become one of the staple items of your wardrobe, easily matched with any shirt and dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Cardigans. For cooler temperatures, cardigans provide protection against the chill without inhibiting your range of motion during swings.

Button-downs. Perfect for casual drinks after the match, a button-down maintains your neat, professional style without making you appear overly formal or stuffy. Look for light colors and airy fabrics that will go well with your trusted khakis.

Fleece jackets. When it starts drizzling on the green, you'll need something to keep you warm and dry, but parkas and raincoats can negatively effect your game. A good alternative? Fleece jackets made specifically for sporty endeavors.

Blazers. If you're socializing before or after the game, you can never go wrong with a good blazer. Add or subtract a tie depending on the company and mood.

Golf shirts. The quintessential item of golf apparel, these polos have become synonymous with the sport. No self-respecting golfer has a closet without them!

These are just a few of the best items for a golfer's wardrobe. For more selection and inspiration, visit sites like, where you'll find high-quality apparel for the sophisticated dresser.

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