Symbols in Jewelry

So you’re thinking of getting your son or daughter a piece of jewellery. Something meaningful and symbolic. Maybe they have passed their first big test, or they overcame a fear that had been affecting them for some time. Maybe they overcame an illness. You want a bracelet or a watch with a symbol on it, something that represents a certain thing. You have chosen the jewellers, now you need to decide on the symbol. Pride, fertility, strength are some key examples of symbolism on jewellery. So what sort of icons symbolise these things?


It also symbolises the protection of family. Both the bear and the stag can symbolise strength. Angels also symbolise guidance and strength, and acorns represent potential strength. Eagles represent strength and nobility, and Unicorns also surprisingly symbolise strength, as well as courage and dignity. I guess Unicorns can be glamorous and dignified at the same time!


The sword icon symbolises honour and protection, as does the shield. A sea trident represents power and protection, possibly even protection at sea. Coral represents protection, particularly for children, and the Crow is symbolic of the protection of friends. Finally, the ‘watchful’ eye also symbolises protection and guidance.


This is a surprising one. Snakes can represent love, as can arrows. The hand icon represents love and friendship. Lizards can be a symbol of ‘surviving’ love, so might be good for someone who has had a bad relationship or experienced heartbreak in the past. The most common symbol for love is the heart, and a flaming heart can symbolise passionate love. 


Wisdom is normally represented by animal icons. Many bird symbols represent wisdom, the most common being the Owl. Phoenix’s can also mean wisdom and the knowledge of re-birth. Surprisingly enough, spiders are also connected with wisdom, and with the recognition of hard work.


The guiding Star symbolises guidance, as do angels, and flying birds. A plain wooden staff can also mean guidance, as can candles. 

What to get?

For a boy, something proud and majestic is ideal. Either an eagle representing strength and wisdom, or a crow meaning the strength and protection of friends would be good. For a girl, something spiritual or related to wisdom is also good. The crescent shape is often connected to female spirituality and glory, and butterflies are symbolic of a huge host of things, rebirth, life, death and transformation, as well as guidance and strength.

Look at how your child has grown, how their personality affects their way of life. Look at the difficulties they have faced and choose an appropriate gift for them. If you do a little research, it will show in your gift. Explain to them, if they don’t already know, what the symbol you have chosen means for you and for them. If you put thought and care into choosing the right symbol for your jewellery, your child will surely love their gift. 

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