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When you go to a restaurant expecting good food and then end up being disappointed, it’s usually difficult to forget. In the same sense, when you shop at a relatively inexpensive store and unexpectedly receive VIP treatment from the eager staff, the experience is exciting enough to tell all your friends about it.

We have all these ideas and opinions about what to expect and how we deserve to be treated in establishments. Why not put these comments to proper use? There is potential especially in those who are passionate about customer service, to make a difference in the way our favorite brands do business. This is the advocacy of SatisFIND.

So, what is satisFIND or what does it do?

SatisFIND acts as a bridge between customers and businesses in order to meet expectations and improve customer service. By becoming a SatisFIND Customer Experience Advocate (CEA), all your observations, good and bad, will reach those who have the authority to change customer service for the better.

This works through SatisFIND’s Customer Experience Measurement (CEM), which CEAs help conduct. Going undercover to report on experiences they get from interacting with brands, CEAs are assigned to establishments of which they themselves are real customers.

For instance, a CEA fond of weekend beach getaways would be assigned to hotels and resorts. Likewise, if a CEA is actually looking to buy an air conditioner, they could be tapped to report about the customer service at appliance stores. After assignments, CEAs receive token fees for their participation or may be reimbursed for any expense incurred, and SatisFIND’s CEAs have enjoyed rewards ranging from free cosmetics and clothes to free airline tickets. 

The perks however are never the main draw for SatisFIND’s CEAs. It is a calling that requires keen observation, integrity and real passion for customer service. When carrying out assignments, CEAs are in for plenty of brain exercise, since the details of every experience are mentally noted. It is these little details, after all, that come together to hopefully create a remarkable customer experience.

Essentially, the real reward of a CEA is having had your say, getting your favorite brand to know about it and most importantly, act on it.

SatisFIND offers Customer Experience Measurement studies across Asia and the Middle East, and is made up of a community of enthusiastic CEAs numbering in the thousands. Learn more about how SatisFIND makes things better for both business and customer and how to register as a Customer Experience Advocate by visiting

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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