Weird Wedding Traditions

There are so many Palm Beach weddings happening every summer and every single one of them is unique.  Every time such an event is celebrated, there is so much stuff going on. People are different, their backgrounds and preferences are different and they are of different nations and races. Still, all of them attend a wedding, in order to celebrate the supreme feeling of love. However, I love the traditions and their meanings, and I find really cool the way it all influences the wedding’s atmosphere. This is why I am going to present here some wild wedding traditions across the world.

A Scottish tradition called “The Blackening of the bride and the groom” has shocked the world. It is said that the friends of the couple capture the future to be husband and wife and start sipping on them different gross substances, like fish sauces and rotten eggs. Sometimes the couple has to sit in a bathtub or they have to parade across the town. Also, the friends have to make a huge noise so all the people in town get to know that someone is getting married.

In Kenya another weird tradition helps the bride to fight the fear of turning into a stone. The father of the future to be wife has to spit on her head and breasts before she leaves with her husband. Somehow, for them it all makes sense.

The people of Polterabend, Germany have a nice nightly tradition. In the night before the wedding, the guests go to the bride’s home in order to break something of porcelain. The breaking of any porcelain object brings luck to the future spouses and after, the couple has to clean it all up. The cleaning teaches the couples that life is hard and they will have to work together in order to face the obstacles.

In France a tradition called “La Soupe” makes the married couple drink something from a toilet. Today that something is mostly made up from chocolate and champagne, but still it has to be out of a toilet. The tradition follows the reason of giving some spice to the erotic life of the hubbies.

In Sweden if the groom leaves the room, all the men attending the wedding have the right to kiss the bride and it goes the same if the bride leaves the room, all the girls can kiss the main man of the event. 

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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