How Flowers Inspire the Fashion Industry Worldwide

There are so many reasons to love flowers. As we all know, it has always been associated with love, fashion, romance, relationships and many other good things. In my latest post at Lifestyle Chic, I want to focus on how floral designs and flower inspirations have given a big impact in the fashion industry all over the world. Allow me to share some amazing photos of well-loved items which were inspired by the beauty of flowers.

Aren't they pretty? It's obvious how floral designs can make the dresses, skirts, tops and bags look highly fashionable and sophisticated. My most favorite piece from the items posted above is the bag on the lower left of the photo. The clutch bag can look perfect with any outfit of the day or night. It can go well with a casual look or even a formal look for parties.

Another item which I find beautifully enhanced by flower inspirations is this lovely pair of shoes... 

I love the details on this footwear! It can certainly make any woman look for chic and fab. Look at the combination of the color of the heels and the floral design... it's absolutely perfect. I believe that every girl out there must own at least one pair of floral shoes!

Check out these good-looking models wearing "flowers" on the runway:

In relation to my post on how flowers have changed the fashion industry, allow me to also share about my recent discovery of Fresh Flowers ( - an online store from Australia. Last night, I browsed all their available products and found some must-have pieces. These are my favorites from the site:
Simple and elegant!
A bucket full of colors.

Roses for love.

Check your closet now and tell me how many flower-inspired dress, top, blouse, pants or leggings do you have! 

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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