​Power Mac Center Offers Training Marathon for Apple Users in Davao

When it comes to mobile gadgets, many of us bank on Apple technology in going about our daily lives.We all love our iPhones, iPods and iPads as these help us stay connected while on the move.

But oftentimes, we don’t realize that we perform certain actions that affect how we use our iOS devices. These actions eventually damage our gadgets, which can be frustrating. The key is to take into consideration which actions are satisfactory and which ones are unacceptable to get the optimal value of your Apple devices.

Power Mac Center offers helpful information on how to care for your favorite iOS gadgets. Follow these simple tips that will significantly impact the performance and lifespan of your mobile gizmos.

Recommended Practices:
Use Apple recommended cases. For other non-Apple accessories such as cases, speakers, headphone connectors, and chargers, check if it has a “Made for iPad” or “Made for iPod/iPhone” mark.
Do not use your iOS device in areas where it is not allowed. It can distract and may cause accidents.
Clean the iOS device immediately if it comes in contact with anything that may cause stains such as dirt, ink, make-up or lotion. To clean, disconnect all cables and turn device off before wiping it with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Update your iPad, iPhone or iPod to the latest iOS version. Take time to back up your data first before updating your iOS software.
Take time to read the warranty manual and Apple warranty provisions.
Things to Avoid:
Dropping or spilling anything on your iOS device
Using your iOS device in the rain, or near wash bins or other wet areas
Using damaged iOS devices (i.e. cracked screen, exposed parts) and using damaged cables or charges (It can cause electric shock)
Applying too much pressure to any of your iOS device’s buttons and attempting to repair your iOS device or making adjustments in your iOS software as these can cause unwanted damage and void its warranty
Using rough materials for cleaning your iOS device as it can scratch the surface, glass or its protective coating

Learn other valuable tips about iOS devices from the country’s most reliable Apple partner when it rolls out a series of training courses catering to students and young professionals in Cebu and Davao next month.

Power Mac Center Training Marathon aims to provide learning opportunities for Apple users in these areas through instructional classes designed to equip participants with the essential skills to help them get the most from their favorite Apple devices.

“Power Mac Center is proud to launch this September its inaugural Training Marathon in Cebu and Davao. The training series works to provide a dynamic and effective instructional platform tailored to meet the needs of select Apple audiences,” said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.

The Power Mac Center Training Marathon involves several courses conducted by Apple Certified Trainers with lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises to ensure that participants receive expert instruction and guidance per course.

Courses include Mac Integration Basics which teaches participants how to set up their system and network services such as file sharing, printing, directory services, email and more; Mavericks 101 which gives participants a head start in the functionality of Mac OS X, including the best methods that effectively support system users; iOS App Development Basic which serves as an introductory course for application development on iOS devices; iOS App Development Advance which is engineered to provide participants with intermediate skills in this exciting field; and the Kiddie Training which offers programming and game development courses intended for a younger audience, such as Blueprint Lite, Xcode, Game Salad, and Scratch.

Schedule for the Power Mac Center Training Marathon in Cebu is as follows: iOS App Development Basic – Sept. 1-3; iOS App Development Advance – Sept. 4-6; Mac Integration Basics – Sept. 8; Mavericks 101 – Sept. 9-11; and Kiddie Training – Sept. 13.

Meanwhile, schedule for the Power Mac Center Training Marathon in Davao is as follows: Mavericks 101 – Sept. 16-18; Mac Integration Basics – Sept. 19; Kiddie Training – Sept. 20; iOS App Development Basic – Sept. 22-24; and iOS App Development Advance – Sept. 25-27.

Registration for the Power Mac Center Training Marathon is on a first come, first served basis since slots available per training course are limited.For more information, email workshops@powermaccenter.com or call 0917-6220395 or 0908-8856277.

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