Why You Have to Visit Florence? Cooking Class and Wine Trail.

Florence is known as the city of art, which it most certainly is. But at the end of a long day in galleries, what is better than a nice glass of wine and a delicious meal? Let me tell you: learning how to make that meal at the Food and Wine Academy of Florence! The goal of the folks at the Food and Wine Academy is to teach Tuscan culinary traditions through interactive classes. So, if you are planning to visit Florence and have this amazing food experience, you can book your accomodation in a hotel listing sites such as Venere.com. The Academy is close to Santa Maria Novella and Santa Croce area. So, you can filter by area and find places available from 45 $ a night. You want your Florentine vacation to be packed with fun, food, art and good company, not worries about transportation and hotel accommodations.

The executive chef at the Food and Wine Academy of Florence is named Giovanni, and he has dedicated his life to teaching foreigners about the food and wine traditions of his native Tuscany. With the help of the other chefs, Davide, Julio, Andrea and Giuseppe, you can can have a fun, friendly, and relaxing experience learning about the flavors of Tuscan food and wine. The cooking school is in the center of town, right near Florence’s Central Market. If you want a more relaxed and intimate session, you can book a small group tour to the Chianti countryside. This is a really special program, not only because of the modified menu but the gorgeous ancient Villa in which the class is held. 

The classic cooking class at Food and Wine Academy costs 85 euros and lasts about 5.5 hours. People under 26 years old get a ten percent discount, and you also get a ten percent discount if you book two or more tours. You will start the day with a stroll to the Central Market with the charismatic chefs to go grocery shopping. The chefs will show you their favorite produce, meat, fish and cheese booths and you will pick up the freshest ingredients for your lunch or dinner. They will introduce you to the bakers, the farmers and the butchers, who will teach you how to distinguish the freshest and best quality ingredients from the rest.

Then you will head back to the comfortable but very professional cooking school and get cooking! If you aren’t a pro in the kitchen, don’t worry. The expert chefs will guide you through every step. The menu is never the same, as the freshest ingredients change depending on the season, supply, and weather. You can count on making fresh bruschetta, which is a traditional Tuscan appetizer (and sometimes breakfast!) You will learn how to make some kind of homemade pasta from scratch, like ravioli or tagliatelle. Then you will create the special Tuscan sauce for the pasta. And don’t forget dessert! 

The best part: eating the meal you prepared with your team. Every meal is accompanied by two different types of Chianti wine. At the end of the day you will receive your very own Graduation Certificate, making you an official cook of the famous Tuscan cuisine!

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