5 Details That Pinpoint Quality Clothes

When we shop for clothes, it's easy to look at the general piece, but in order to judge the quality of clothing, it's necessary to examine the details. Most people don't notice these details or understand how important they can be to the garment,  but we fashionistas put a little more thought into our purchase.  

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Here are five details that can help you examine if the clothes are well-made and of high quality:

1. The Stitching
Stitching can make or break a piece of clothing - literally! Well-made stitching is a sign of high quality clothes, since it's expensive to invest in expert seamstresses or machinery to put together every piece of clothing. Unfortunately, a lot of clothes is made in factories abroad where less attention is placed on the quality of the work and more on producing as many pieces as possible. This results in clothing that will only withstand a few washes before the threads start pulling apart. Before buying any clothes, take a look at the inside stitching and make sure it's precise and strongly sewn.

2. The Labels
I love taking a look at the labels in clothing. Just like the stitching, it can easily point out the quality of the item and its background. Beautiful labels are more expensive than boring, basic ones, so if a company is willing to invest in the more expensive option, it's highly likely that they do so for fabric and overall creation of garments, as well. Labels should also include the make-up of the garment and washing instructions, which can help you judge the garment's quality. Did you know that ZALORA has River Island available online?

3. The Feeling of the Fabric
If you have ever visited a fabric shop like the now-famous "Mood" from NYC, you are aware of the extensive types of fabric that can be used for clothes. Each fabric has a different feel to the skin, weight, movement and how it breathes. Sure, you can look at the label to understand what the garment is made from, but the best piece of advice when it comes to fabric is to pay attention to how it feels. Touch it and evaluate whether it has the softness, smoothness, roughness or 'feel' that you are looking for. 

4. Avoid Complicated Pieces
Dresses with sparkles, skirts with gold-colored threads, and shirts with gems: sure, they are absolutely beautiful on the rack, but how do you plan on cleaning them? I once came very close to buying a striking, elegant top covered with beads. Walking up to the register, I reconsidered my purchase. It would require the most careful of hand washing and flat drying, not to mention, constant fixing as beads start falling with time. If you're looking for clothes that is meant to be used only once (celebrity-style), complicated show-stoppers are your go-to option. Otherwise, pass on the purchase and consider more useful items with less hassle.

5. Pay Attention to Small Details
High quality clothes is meant to last a very long time - hence the hefty price tag. You should always look for well-crafted details in the clothes that point out the intention of long-life, like extra buttons sewn into the inside of the garment or labels. This is a good sign that the designer expects the piece to last long and is providing an 'extension' on the life of the garment. Other details to look into would be extra thread sewn into the garment (or even a small packet that may come included) and well-cut and sewn pockets.

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