Is The Treatment of IVF with Egg Donation Available Everywhere?

In Vitro Fertilization is a method of infertility treatment that involves artificial fertilization in laboratory conditions. IVF allows combining cells and applying an embryo into the uterus. It can be carried out with use of both partners’ cells for the procedure or can be based on donor eggs and sperm cells. Especially egg donation has become a very important treatment option for recipient couples who struggle with infertility issues. That is why it is extremely important to be given the opportunity to choose this kind of treatment.

For various reasons for many women IVF treatment with own egg might not be possible or preferable option when a patient has no or not enough egg cells of her own, her egg quality is poor or her age or health condition does not allow her to conceive with her own eggs. In these situations prospective parents seek aid in clinics dealing with infertility problems that offer egg donation treatment.
Due to growing demand for In Vitro Fertilization procedures and development of medical tourism in terms of fertility issues it is more and more common to not only look for IVF options in nearest locations but considering the treatment abroad. Especially if the home country is not competitive when it comes to prices of procedure or, what is more decisive, have restrictions regarding range of possible treatments. Due to some countries’ legal regulations it may be forbidden to perform some procedures even if In Vitro Fertilization itself is allowed. Also in some countries there are a access conditions or some other terms for couples to meet.

Legal issues
Although in most of the European countries it is legally allowed to perform In Vitro Fertilization with donor egg, there are some controversy in some legal systems regarding using third party cells and getting financial gratification for the donation. In some countries it is only forbidden to pay for egg donation or for any service connected to ova donation, in others it is impossible to donate or receive egg and have IVF based on it. Egg donation is illegal in a number of European countries for example Germany, Austria, and Italy as well as Turkey. 

IVF market
Couples in countries where IVF with egg donation is not permitted often seek possibility to use donor egg elsewhere. Thanks to that regulations there exist many foreign destinations that are extremely popular in terms of offering getting IVF with egg donation especially when it is combined to well-deserved vacation. 

Apart from more wide IVF treatment opportunities the most important factor of choosing the place for IVF with egg donation is the success rate. Amongst the European countries the highest efficacy level is obtained in countries such as Poland, Greece, Spain, Latvia and Cyprus. Outside Europe the highest efficacy is registered in South Africa and Malaysia. To find out more visit

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