5 Ways To Stay Fresh Throughout the Day

We live in busy times. As women, we work, raise children, buy groceries, cook, clean, get stuck in endless traffic and run a never-ending list of errands.

With all the movement of our daily routine, It’s easy to quickly fall into a less-than-fresh feeling, even shortly after a shower. 

Fortunately, there are small tricks that can help us feel fresh throughout the day.

1) On-The-Go Antiperspirant

It’s happened to us all: we’re only half-way through our busy day and all of a sudden, we realize that the summer heat has taken its toll on our body - sweat!

If you deal with this issue, your best bet is an easy-to-take deodorant that can be discreetly hidden in your purse. 

A small, portable antiperspirant & deodorant

is specifically designed for the on-the-go lifestyle and protects from odor and protection when needed.

It’s super easy to apply and it’s invisible, so no tell-tale white stains on your clothes.

2) Fresh clothes everyday

It’s tempting to reuse clothes rather than go through the hassle of picking out new outfits every day.

However, clothing can be even dirtier than it seems. Clothing harbors all kinds of bacteria, viruses and whatever you pick up from the air on bathroom breaks.

We also perspire on our clothing and this can make it quickly smell less-than-fresh.

If you’re reusing unwashed clothing often, switch to clean clothing to feel fresher every day.

3) Drink a lot of water

Water has so many cleansing properties, even within our own bodies!

Keeping yourself hydrated will help you feel fresh, clean and more energetic. 

It’s also a great alternative to snacking. Drinking water helps us feel full without taking in harmful oils and salts, which contribute to bloatedness and even to body odor.

4) Limit perfume

Too many people believe that dosing themselves in perfume keeps them smelling fresh.

However, use too much and the opposite becomes true - the smell is too intense.

If you like perfume, spray lightly on pulse points. At most, spray once toward the air and walk past it.

Remember that perfume does not mask unfresh smells. If you already don’t smell fresh, it will make matters worse, rather than better.

5) Keep spares 

If you’re physically active throughout the day, pack a few essential backup items that you can change into.

For example, you can keep a pair of socks, a shirt and a pair of clean underwear in your car.

This way, you can change in case you’re not feeling or smelling fresh.

Another good idea is to keep an extra toothpaste, toothbrush and floss, in case your mouth is feeling less-than-fresh.

Algene C.

The author is currently taking up law who blogs on her free time.

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